If you’ve gotten cash buyer calls, contact us before making a decision.

How many calls have you been getting from cash buyers asking to purchase your home? We receive them too, so we know how enticing they can be. Please call us before selling to these buyers! We can assist with these kinds of transactions; we do more than just help you sell the traditional way. We’ve helped many sellers get the best out of deals from these cash buyers.

I have a client who wanted to sell his rental condo in the Phoenix metro area three months ago. So I reached out to all 12 of our cash-buyer connections, and the client was delighted with the competitive offers he received. (We continue to get more trusted cash-buyer connections all the time.) At the time, he had tenants living in the condo who didn’t want to move yet, so we decided to wait to sell until the end of their lease, which was fine.

“We can explore which selling option is best for you.”

Now three months later, I resubmitted to the cash buyers for their offers and was able to negotiate the price $40,000 higher for this basic, tiny condo. I also negotiated $9,000 off the repair credit they were requesting from my client. My client is ecstatic about the outcome and got much more for his property than he thought he could have. It’s been a wonderful experience for him, and we’ll be closing soon.

That was a major win, but despite this great story, selling to those cash buyers may not be the best option for you. Your situation might be better suited to a traditional sale or selling to a regular buyer who agrees to pay in cash; there are plenty of other options.

So contact us before making any decisions concerning cash buyers because we can explore all the options to find the best one for you and your family. Give us a call or send us an email if you want to discuss this or any other real estate matter. We would love to help you.