The Cromford Report shows that our market is slowing down a bit.

The Phoenix real estate market is slowing down some. Now, none of us can see the future, but we’re confident that our resources are accurate. So let’s go over the data and talk about what all this means for the market.

Please feel free to watch the full video above, or navigate using the timestamps below if you’re a little short on time.

0:50—Explaining the Cromford Report

1:45—Becoming a more balanced market, not a crash

2:48—Rate of decline is not set

3:39—What to expect as the market cools

5:02—This is a good thing overall

5:30—Wrapping up.

I want to be clear that this isn’t a crash. The market isn’t falling, it’s balancing out, and that’s refreshing since we’ve been in such a strong seller’s market for almost two years.

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